Detritus 380

▶ “Craziness is something holy” – guess the artist?


▶ great read by David Byrne: The Echo Chamber


▶ “We fear we give away an award for most sound, not best sound,”


▶ affordable lossless streaming without using iTunes, thank you Stretta!


▶ Word up, Arvo Part – a beautiful book


▶ intensely satisfying gifs of the hammer blow in Mahler’s Symphony No. 6


▶ wow, check out this Wide-band WebSDR (thanks @r05c03) – the system is currently composed of a “Mini-Whip” antenna, a homebuilt SDR board which samples the entire shortwave spectrum and sends all of this via a gigabit ethernet link to a PC, where a special version of the WebSDR server software processes it…. sampling shortwave? At 999.90 kHz I managed to tune in what sounds like a mutant kermit the frog, reading poetry


▶ fascinating algorythmic composition work being done by Bruno Degazio, and his Transformation Engine – check his soundcloud for examples and here is a link to a PDF outlining his approach


Tubular synths?


▶ Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning – from infinity & beyond!


▶ interesting angle on old(er) people who dont listen to new music – as with all age related generalisations the blind spot is that some people are born 50 and some stay young until the day they die….


▶ D Fuse: Small Global is an interactive video installation with surround sound that translates data about global interdependence, consumption and its environmental costs into an immersive environment. Multiple layers of transparent screens create an invisible cube of projected images, with the projections echoing onto the walls, ceiling and floor of the space.


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