Detritus 382

▶ First audio recordings from the Mariana Trench i.e. 36,000ft deep


▶ The Music Startup Meltdown


▶ classic!


Roden Crater – Alpha East Tunnel (if/when I ever manage to revisit the USofA, it will be to visit Roden Crater)


▶ Face swapped Mulder and Scullly look like a great synthpop band via


The Piano’s piano sells for just NZ$1,000 at auction


♥ Ozu


▶ Japanese bird species provides the first example of non-human syntax


▶ Someone thought it would be a good idea to fly a drone at 11000ft – it wasn’t!


The concept of 2020 is very simple:
1. Generate a million sound/sequence variations from a single, small idea.
2. Make entire beats in just one screen. (without scrolling or switching windows)
The 2020 Kickstarter project will be funded on Tue, Apr 12 2016


▶ the extremely high cost of being a perfectionist? the day will come when perfection cannot be achieved, then what?


▶ Spike Lee shares his NYU teaching list of 87 essential films every aspiring director should see


▶ useless facts: How much would it cost to buy one of everything on Amazon? Answer = $12.86 billion if you’d rather avoid the clickbait


▶ Two of the winners from the NY Drone Film Festival 2016 – others here

(great to see a drone video with excellent editing/post!!)


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