Detritus 384


▶ beautiful ISS long exposure photographs


▶ Alan Moore Interviews Brian Eno



▶ this is sublime (​Ólafur Arnalds at Sydney Opera House)


▶ interesting generative music project, via your web browser and webcam analysis of your face – try it here
I cant read kanji and i still got it to work ok, just click/enable what looks like the right buttons!
It didn’t seem to like my stunt doubles face though…


▶ I haven’t got to see Hail Cesar yet, but I watched this video on their use of Adobe Premiere (& a small counter bell!) for the editing of the film & VFX… when it ended, Youtube switched me over to a Q&A with the Coen brothers and the particular part I cued up tried to cue in the video below, is worth a watch – initially about some of the classic one liners in their films, and then about dubbing the expletives for TV, with one very funny example (its at 13.28 if I messed up the embed)


#randomFFT #canyouhearwhatyousee?


Interesting analysis of some of the techniques Herzog employs…


▶ Also note: Herzog: Ecstatic Truths, is a retrospective dedicated to Werner Herzog’s documentary work, and is running on MUBI in the United States from March 31 – May 20, 2016. It will be followed by Herzog: Ecstatic Fictions, devoted to the director’s fictional features.
More info at MUBI here


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