Detritus 385


▶ hmmmm…


▶ Huston, we have a problem: Hollywood Film Dialogue from 2,000 screenplays, broken down by Gender and Age


▶ On the pleasures of slow music


▶ love this: non-standard vinyl via DJ Food


▶ When asked how the instrument, known as a lur, is played, he said: “I’ve no idea. No one’s played it for 3,000 years.”



▶ “A vial containing a few droplets of water — and one million copies of an old movie – encoded into DNA – Oh no, I accidentally drank my archive!


“Attempting to play a British Birdsong 7” vinyl using a wood pigeon feather found near our house. Amplification courtesy of a discreetly placed contact microphone connected to a Marshall MS-4. The only minor modification to the feather was sharping the tip with a craft knife enabling easier and clearer playback.”


▶ Tim Hecker, musician and comment polariser


▶ “an international ring of fraudulent dealers was uncovered…” – drug dealers? stock market? nope, violins


▶ what to get your acid-head (TB303, not lysergic) girlfriend? this



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