Detritus 387

▶ free Mt Kimbie sample pack and remix/writing competition here


▶ great concept, very ‘zeitegiesty’ as someone said the other day – is that really a word form?
photos with the phones removed


▶ Not all that wander are found


Seances presents a new way of experiencing film narrative, framed through the lens of loss. In a technical feat of data-driven cinematic storytelling, films are dynamically assembled in never-to-be-repeated configurations. Each exists only in the moment, with no pausing, scrubbing or sharing permitted, offering the audience one chance to see this film before it disappears….

Check out Seances here (thanks Anthony) – quite amazing/disturbing/brilliant!


▶ if this doesn’t melt your heart then you must be dead already!


▶ Each Perc system can control up to three beaters, and you can connect multiple systems over MIDI to add more beaters. Polyend plans to ship Perc in September 2016. You get a controller and one beater for 799 euros (about $907 US as of today) and 200 euros for each additional beater.



“they don’t know anything about computers or the electronic music culture of the West, or even rock ‘n’ roll, or even rhythm & blues, all of this is very foreign to them”guess the artist?

▶ “When the song went to No 2 in the UK, my artist friends told me I was selling out, but just months later the term being used was “crossing over”. I’d gone from an idiot to a visionary.” – guess the artist #2?


▶ wow would love to experience this installation: time is TIME – Tsuyoshi tane states that; ‘the goal was to show that there is an absolute quality to time. in the universe and on earth, it has a fixed measurement yet every one perceives it differently’


▶ Good on Apple for adding a mute button to Safari! Amazing that it took until version 9


▶ great interview with John Lurie


▶ so can your Apple watch do this!? Didn’t think so


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