Detritus 388

▶ Music 2025: Access or Experience?


▶ genius: SL1200 mod’d to play digital files


▶ Apparently we are currently passing through the tail of Halley’s Comet




▶ interview with local sound artist, composer, percussion genius Phil Dadson


▶ mmmm 1000fps


▶ Lumen video synth app is released


▶ four space echos? excellent! (from about 28′ onwards he talks more philosophically about music, composing etc)


▶ While this article is aimed at screenwriters, it applies to anyone working in the film industry and about mid way through the article is this very poignant observation: “what will mostly define you more than anything else is what projects you say yes to and what projects you say no to


▶ “How does it feel when someone posts a video of a circuit you designed, hacked so that it uses high-voltage Nixie Tubes as the display instead of the crappy red LEDs you used?” – in praise of open source


▶ anyone old enough to have used Studio Vision? I started using Sound Designer straight after film school in 1991 but this article describes how StudioVision was the first app to combine audio & MIDI came into existence 21 years ago… I managed to get an NFR of StudioVision when it was released as I was working for the local distributor and Opcode sent out a guy to promote it. Still remember when I was driving him out to Auckland airport after his visit, a car directly in front of us on the motorway got a blow out & crashed into the side of the motorway!!


▶ Mario Wienerroither does it again!


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