Detritus 389

▶ I love slow films but a seven hour trailer? for a 30 day long film!?


▶ rip


▶ free Exposure app by LEE Filters for Big Stopper users


▶ double Double Bass?


▶ WTF? People are selling rain from the day Prince died


▶ Unreliable Ltd? Over Normal Ltd? Unsustainabubble Ltd? Random Rubbish Ltd? Guess the artist?


XOXX Composer


▶ love this: site specific pin hole cameras


▶ no prizes for guessing the #1 of this listicle: 25 best Japanese film makers


▶ I get a weird sense of satisfaction outputing an AAF or OMF for myself when picture editing… ‘he’s going to enjoy this one!’
@JonathonKing “It’s mess … but I’ll let the sound department fix that shit up …”
@Me “I hear he likes a challenge….”


▶ wow, so glad I never took up that Apple Music trial period, seems odd that they basically trick us all into agreeing to their terms & conditions (has anyone ever read, let alone understood all of their T&C?) when if the same was applied in the real world, this issue would be like Apple breaking into my house & taking all my vinyl away!
Relatedly I am rapidly getting tired of the whole software/data as a (dis) service concept – two useful apps I like & have used have changed their business model, with both TextExpander and Freedom apps becoming subscriber apps. End result, neither are so valuable or irreplaceable that when my current install stops working I will take up their subscriber models and will instead find an alternative that is NOT a SaaS!
Its a sad day when an otherwise good app is resold with no real benefits to users, in a naked attempt at accelerated capitalism.


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