Detritus 39

> Its a good sign if I am too busy to focus on writing proper posts on this blog – I am obviously fully focused on the job(s) at hand ie delivering material to predubs…. and being ready for the final mix starting Monday week…. and more alt.projects than I have fingers on one hand… The consolation prize is detritus #XX but I’ll have you know HISSandaROAR Library 2 is on track & surprising even me with elements I didn’t know I needed until I was in the zone & was making them… I’ll have a promo vid for you in a week & maybe the whole new library not too long after…..
In the meantime heres a photo from one of the recording sessions:




> For any iPad early adopters this will be welcome news (via @Chris_Randall) “It’s official. The camera connector kit will allow class-compliant USB audio for the iPad.”


> AVID/Digidesign apparently developing a native/pro version of ProTools aka ProProTools Native – hmmm seems the post got pulled before I even got around to reblogging it here…. heres a bit of the hyperbole from the deleted article “TDM is dead. Digi knows this. A new version of Pro Tools will be out – with all of the HD functionality, but without TDM cards. All CPU based. Expect it this year, maybe even in Q3” which sounds half bollocks – AVID arent about to shaft their HD investors, but if they were to ditch DV Toolkit & offer an upgrade to ProProTools Native I think people wouldn’t mind… UPDATE: bit more speculation here


> Penguins jamming with cellos? But of course


> Time Pressure and Creativity: Why Time is Not on Your Side


> These lovely bubbles of sound are in similar territory as the penguins & that cello, but you don’t have to freeze your butt (or the rosin) off to appreciate it…..




>A beautiful visualisation of work patterns


> Creative minds are rarely tidy – good! I’m glad we tidied that misconception up!


> Sick of owning firewire drives? Buy a dock for raw drives & get yourself a Hudzee or six




> I bought a book that I can reccomend to anyone for whom the title instantly appeals:
‘Making SH+T Happen’


> How to define a problem – because defining it gets you more than half the way to solving it!


> In film post production, good organisation & management/coordination is literally worth its weight in gold & I always fear for the worst when I suddenly realise a film I am working on has no post production supervisor: the road will be a little bumpier & I will have to check twice & assume nothing about EVERYTHING, but mostly I feel sorry for the producer as they will end up wearing all sorts of hidden costs that a good post supervisor knows & makes producers aware of from day one…. And it must be the same times a zillion for VFX companies – if people start acting on offhand comments, much wasted work could easily be done…. So reading about Pixars modus operandi is fascinating… And I would love to know more about similar aspects of my very successful neighbours WETA Digital – I almost ran over two of them in the carpark the other day! And not because I want to but because my car is real & not rendered!


> And via Smashing Mag: 5 tips for making ideas happen


> Super K Sonic Booooom – that is all!



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  2. greg


    I read the article about pro tools – before it was removed.

    It in no way stated that AVID was actually developing this – it was purely speculative – largely based on the idea that to HD process cards are no longer more powerful than the host CPUs that they reside in. At least that’s what I read.


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