Detritus 390

▶ thanks Michael!


▶ How one man made The Eiffel Tower sing


▶ Open Letter to YouTube, “Pushers” of Piracy


▶ “An artist attunes to what things are, which means sort of listening to the future…” < - what a great read!


▶ thanks Tom!


▶ now THAT is a large format camera!


▶ ages ago I had a great book out of the library, about graphic scores & discussed it a bit here: Notation vs Binky vs Visualisation and as I’m using a graphic score for a number of cues in this film I am working on, I thought I might as well order a copy… checks Amazon.. holy sh+t – only available copies start at US$2,223! OK, back I go to the library… but while researching came across this brilliant site: – how incredibly inspiring!!



▶ update a few graphic score resources:

Dingbat font created after the dancing notation invented by Rudolph Laban to record movement in dance


Sonova is a Truetype Unicode font containing a large number of signs, intended for the different types of analysis and description methods developed in the Sonology branch of Auditive Analysis

NoteAbility Pro is a professional music notation package for the Macintosh OS-X

Iannix Study I from Giorgio Sancristoforo on Vimeo.


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