Detritus 392


▶ get it? made me laugh….


▶ wow – I always wanted to see inside such incredibly fine physical tech as a lens such as this Canon EF200-400L & great stop motion!


▶ Every top 5 song, from 1958 – 2016, infographically animated (is that even a word?)


▶ “Only in the nest of accumulated individual imaginations will our universal egg hatch” – guess the composer?


▶ if I actually had to commute anywhere: this


▶ love this!! via this is colossal


▶ surreal gifs animating archival photos



▶ super cute macro photos: the adventures of a tiny car


▶ an auto bicycle bell for mountain bikers?


▶ I would so love to have a play with this: Tom Richards, a researcher at University of London, has made a fully working version of the mini-Oramics Machine!! More info here and here (thanks Duncan!)


▶ Also in UK, this event sounds amazing: White Cane: “Immerse yourself in a sound world created by two blind performers exploring and navigating public space”


▶ liquid filled vinyl? Love the Friday 13th reissue



3 thoughts on “Detritus 392

      1. Dan Powell

        Ack! I was looking at that spoon… but somehow Amélie cooking up just refused to enter my innocent mind! 😉

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