Detritus 394

▶ “The work presents five performers who submerge themselves in glass water tanks to play custom-made instruments and sing entirely underwater…..”


▶ alphabet assembled from stones collected over decades


▶ great read about the providence of TV Show Silicon Valley
thanks Sean


▶ kickstarter to republish Daphne Orams book


▶ weak sound bro, weak sound


▶ fck the uncanny valley


▶ design sound for this Lectrosonic logo and potentially win an SSM micro bodypack transmitter, deadline June 30th, more info & download vid here


▶ Uruguay’s blind ‘bird man’ can identify 3,000 bird sounds – how about you?


▶ Warning, the following may be clickbait: “My Laptop is Set Up To Take a Picture After 3 Incorrect Password Attempts”
(well I lol’d)


▶ also from TwistedSifter


▶ shame about the crappy camera mics…


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