Detritus 395


▶ xkcd message in a bottle


▶ remix the track Run (121bpm) from Olaf Stuuts new album, download stems at bandcamp here


▶ wearable subwoofer?



▶ love this concrete music – 3d printing a mould


▶ How the songbird learns its melody – also baby birds learn while still in the egg!


▶ fascinating interview with Hauschka re methodology, randomness & notation….


▶Anime before it was “ANIME”


▶ fascinating interview with theatre composer Stefan Paul Goetsch, I especially found the discussion of adapting modular synth composition for orchestra very interesting! Via & thanks to papernoize


▶ love this 3D Printed Zoetrope by Akinori Goto! more info at This is Colossal


▶ was reminded of this today – hiarial!


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