Detritus 398

▶ Goat simulator IRL?


▶ Minimoog exploded diagram


▶ Shibuya x ray


3D Calvin & Hobbes! via Notational


▶ The 50 Best Animated Films Of The 21st Century So Far


▶ fascinating to hear Martinez describe Soderburgs process for score….
from BAFTA Conversations with Screen Composers


▶ the next Mars mission is going to include… a microphone!


▶ interesting interview with Ryuichi Sakamoto – great to know he’s completed two new film scores & started work on a solo album!


▶ so great to hear some of the SEAL VOCALS library used brilliantly in new Netflix series Stranger Things – great work by sound designer Craig Henighan – check out the series, it is very good!


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