Detritus 399

▶ korg plugkey seems like a nifty idea, shame they aren’t bi-directional…


▶ pills!



▶ these are beautiful, almost look like calligraphy: the stark beauty of Japan’s soaring Cormorant population


▶ nice analogue studio – Kyle Dixon working on the ‘Stranger Things’ score


Wallwave Vibrations by Loris Cecchini


▶ love these tiny Japanese turntables


▶ Great interview – i love MUBI – but especially this part of this interview:

NOTEBOOK: When discussing your work, you are always replying in plural…

TARR: You have to know that Béla Tarr is a brand, not only me. First of all, it’s Ágnes Hranitzky, László Krasznahorkai, Mihály Vig and me. These four people were working together for thirty years and we were doing what we did. That’s why I prefer to reply in plural. I have never said any of those are my films because that is not true.

NOTEBOOK: How did the creative process work? Did you divide the tasks or everything was a collective effort?

TARR: Well, I had the final decisions all the time, but they have really big sensibilities and somehow, when we were talking about the life, situations or anything, they had the same point of view. Of course, Mihály is a musician and László is a writer. Even though we have a different language, we somehow think about the life together, not about a film.


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