Detritus 3

> Tune in…. for a thousand years – Jem Finers Long Player (so beautifully meditative!)

The always funny xkcd

> Digital Acoustic Cartography

> Sound Archive of the British Library goes online, free of charge – Guardian article

> 50 things that are being killed by the internet

> The day Michael Jackson saved Sesame Street?

> How to avoid perfectionism

> 2562 dubstep mix free download

beautiful light graffitti by LAPP

>sound effects and even the M&E from that crazy retro TV series UFO!

> NZ Composer Victoria Kelly has a new website and a blog – apart from her beautiful film scores I love this piece by her

>In praise of the sci-fi corridor (shame the photos dont have the ambiences playing)
photos = 2001, Solaris, The Empire Strikes back

> And lastly, a new book by Len Lye

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