Detritus 400

▶ wow this is the first VR project that really intrigues me, no headset required!


▶ Stephen Knapp light paintings


▶ ‘modern’ approaches to sampling?


▶ ‘cloud brushes’ – sounds like nice album title (actually photoshop brushes)


▶ love these: ‘direct printed’ from manhole covers etc – shop here


▶ optical illusion soy sauce dishes – on kickstarter


dollhouses of doom!


▶ open source audiograms


▶ mmm new series of Black Mirror announces composers!


▶ Fascinating listen: Vera Wyse Munro (1897-1966) was a pioneering New Zealand radio broadcaster, improviser, and experimental sound artist…


Film is a disease from Nuno Marques on Vimeo.


▶ nice shout out for HISSandaROAR at 29’18” (thanks Craig Henighan) in The Sound of STRANGER THINGS podcast


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