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Void Jungle_白靄林 from mwva on Vimeo.

▶ An audiovisual live performance by Chang Funju 張方禹 & Han ChengYeh 韓承燁 via s-v-m


▶ incredibly beautiful photos of NZ night sky


▶ sacred geometry & harmonics… & stuff


▶ apparently it is not a new feature but I only just discovered in iOS that you can record your own custom vibration alert patterns – I made one that sounds like my phone is having an epileptic seizure!
/Settings/Sounds/Vibration/Custom/Create New Vibration
Hit record & tap the screen to perform


▶ 10 principles of Motion Design at giphy



▶ Inside Tokyo’s audiophile venues


▶ I would love to experience one of James Turrells perceptual cells


VHS monsters


▶ Mossy VR helmets let you see the forest as animals do


▶ funny: reading books with fake covers while riding on the subway


▶ these cables & terminators look excellent for field recording rigs, thanks Michael


▶ a great read: Haruki Murikami & Siji Ozawa talk


▶ Someone is learning how to take down the Internet


▶ recording from the Lime Kiln hydrophone

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