Detritus 418


▶ love these tiny robots made from electronic waste


▶ Awesome google map of where eurorack module companies are based (come on New Zealand!)


▶ a great philosophical read “After Sound Design” by Rob Bridget (I’ve always felt similarly about film sound design – the aim is to think & collaborate like a filmmaker, rather than solely a sound designer)


▶ Thom Yorke has shared professionally shot footage of his and @JnnyG’s new 16-minute “Bloom” mix via Pitchfork

UNDERCOVER 2017-2018 AW SHOW from UNDERCOVER on Vimeo.


▶ so… which brake drums should I be using?


▶ Bonobo – Song Exploder (mmmm… kicks & claps)


▶ The self-destructing modules behind the 1956 soundtrack of Forbidden Planet


Go on AI – flood spotify with dreadful EDM… but… wow, I sure hope their investors actually listened to their soundcloud examples – $4 million venture capital? yeech!


▶ this looks freaky, but not as freaky as when the blades bend due to rolling shutter


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    1. tim Post author

      Thanks but I didn’t make the map – not sure who did, someone posted it on FB…
      You’ll have to ask them to add you

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