Detritus 432

▶ Triadex Muse in Javascript


▶ audio reactive nature!?!


▶ perseverance vs obsession? 6 years and 720,000 photos


▶ interesting sound art by Massimo Bartolini


▶ new Burial!!


▶ wow I would love to play an instrument in the live rooms at La Fabrique!! Gorgeous recording studios


▶ Anne Lamott did a TED talk – its short, funny & as expected, worth a watch

I went to embed the video & discovered the very weird option in the photo above.. I never knew this was a ‘thing’ – watching/listening at 2 x real speed… I tried it, hoping for the helium effect but it just uses some time compression technique so the pitch stays the same… Really have to wonder about people who would use this feature? Too much coffee/meth? It is pretty rare I have time to listen to a podcast, but playing it at double speed is a very odd solution


One thought on “Detritus 432

  1. Max

    Hi Tim, I regularly use the video speed-up feature when viewing MOOC videos. The audio in MOOC videos often mainly renders what you can read much faster on the screen. Because of this conceptual shortcoming of many MOOC videos I find speeding up them very convenient.

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