Detritus 443

▶ love this… sampling genius! There is also a part 2 and part 3


▶ ‘if he mix the same tune a dozen times you will have twelve different version.’
PDF article analysing King Tubby


▶ “My love for abstract music came from the air raid sirens … that was electronic music”
– guess the artist


▶ Netflix: What Happens When You Press Play?


▶ Making a neural synthesizer instrument (the speech examples are interesting) & some theory


▶ the ‘superstars’ of the classic Lou Reed song (love that bassline!)


▶ brilliant! phone security via xkcd


▶ The quest for ways of keeping people alive for longer is producing lots of very old people with disintegrating brains


▶ Uakti | Krishna I (Artur Andrés) | Instrumental SESC Brasil via Mesmerizing Sounds on FB


▶ ever wanted to hear 53 people play musical saw together? me neither until now…
LOVE the first note, when they all attempt to bend into tune



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