Detritus 445

▶ Obscurities by Kimchi and Chips, music by Murcof


▶ Ólafur Arnalds robot writing partners


▶ Fascinating conversation with Joe Walker, editor on Blade Runner 2049


▶ Blind listening test/review by Miles Davis


▶ “The Tvísöngur sound sculpture on the mountainside above Seyðisfjörður. These five interconnected domes amplify sound with a resonance that corresponds to traditional Icelandic five-tone harmony”


▶ This vid still makes me laugh, oh the irony (& yay Portlandia is back! But its the final series 🙁


▶ album covers – extended outside the frame


▶ inside Rolands Synth Museum via google maps


▶ Following ableton LIVE 10 Capture function, Avid introduces MIDI retrospective recording in ProTools 2018 so you can check out that album your cat is secretly working on…


▶ Stuart Klipper’s 5 Golden rules
1. Find your own vocabulary
2. Photography isn’t about photography
3. Know who came before you and what they did
4. Your equipment is only the toolbox
5. There are no rules





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