Detritus 446

▶ is Spotify toxic? ethically, and financially?


▶ this is not a table


▶ The case for and against vinyl in 2018


▶ Recreating Russulo’s Noise Orchestra


▶ “That is the way to learn the most, that when you are doing something with such enjoyment that you don’t notice that the time passes…” – guess the artist


▶ intriguing cam rig/movement (with score by Thom Yorke)


▶ Mana Island is the island you often see in photos taken from my house, its the primary view from my lounge window… So it was bittersweet to read the news of Nigels death, Nigel the gannet, who lived on Mana Island and had been cohabitating with a concrete gannet decoy… There is a photo of the concrete decoys in that article – they were installed in an attempt to attract gannets to start a colony on Mana Island.. Not sure why but when I first heard about it, I imagined a gannet falling in love with a blocky brutalist concrete gannet, as though the gannet had actually fallen in love with architecture, rather than an unresponsive concrete gannet clone… to the soundtrack below… Making concrete plans for Nigel… RIP Nigel



▶ Tom Waits ‘other instruments’


▶ just ordered Barcus Berry 4000 pickup #7 – they sound great… but not so robust 🙁




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