Detritus 447

▶ How to be a responsible music fan in the age of streaming


▶ ah so thats what the elements for the blaster in BladeRunner were!


▶ Slaves To The Algorithm: How Facebook is throttling underground culture


▶ a Rycote lens case, for microphones? perfect for all those Schoeps owners that change climates


▶ interesting, and maybe unintentionally revealing interview re ableton LIVE 10 – this bit stuck in my craw: “….instead of hardware” – read it & see what you think… do these people somehow think hardware is not an integral part of a studio? Working ITB is hardly news to anyone, but it is preceded by musicians working OTB for decades… And maybe it is news to ableton (I doubt it) but we are currently in an “OTB resurgence” of epic proportions. Seems an odd strategy given current events…. why was that statement not “….integreated seamlessly with hardware” If I count the synths/outboard in my studio, the ratio of what I use would be hardware to software 2:1 maybe 3:1…


▶ “There’s no more feeling of jumping into a whole new world on the internet anymore — everything looks exactly the same.”


▶ In Conversation: Quincy Jones – heh heh “Paul was the worst bass player I ever heard”


▶ I have zero interest in Cruise Ships – being trapped on a ship with a lot of other tourists sounds more like hell to me.. But wow!!! Guntu is a floating hotel in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan is incredibly beautiful, almost like a dream…



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