Detritus 449

▶ “The video is by John James Haynie of North Texas State University, he invented it to study & teach trumpet”


▶ reading & listening to David Burrastons recent arts fellowship travels has been fascinating! What an excellent initiative.. #soundart


▶ fascinating interview with Andre Cymone – Princes bassplayer amongst other things…


▶ not enough physical space for a modular synth? think again (but, BUT a noticeable lack of speakers in these small setups, which presumably means monitoring on headphones = a scary prospect for the longevity of your hearing given how dynamic modular experimentation can be!!)


Synthesizer Manuals Collection (thanks Nigel)


▶ suspect one of these wooden pinhole cameras is in my future… a wooden XPAN?


▶ I’d never seen this Making Of for the classic Gondry/Daft Punk music vid… such great ideas & brilliant choreography by Blanca Li


▶ If you use facebook & also use bhphoto, open & close this bhphoto page for the Linhof 4×5 Master Technika 3000 Metal Field Camera and see how long it is before bhphoto ads start appearing in your timeline… :/


▶ This is what happens when you sneak a hip flask on to your lunar mission…


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