Detritus 453

▶ fascinating read on the art and science of Max Coopers Emergence AV project – part 1 and part 2


▶ and the award for cutest voiceover…


▶ “they didn’t realise they were being exposed to totally new tonal colours. Our legacy really is educating people to a new art form.”


▶ Harmony, five levels of difficulty….


▶ I’m not going to comment about recent Trump diplomacy… and by ‘not’ I really meant I won’t not mention it… But I especially had no idea how expertly the Queen of England trolled him, read this twitter thread and follow up brooch decoder


▶ Just got all 4 tyres on my 4WD replaced – I knew they were getting worn and remembered I replaced all four last time but the tyre company had my stats and turns out I did 60,000km in the the three years since I got them! Thats a lot of road trips, 15% of the way to the moon in fact!
Its funny, some friends of mine went on an epic trip to China many years ago and somehow ended up going on a white water rafting trip. The guide asked each person where they were from and when my friends said they were from New Zealand the guide got excited and asked which of the amazing places in NZ they had done white water rafting? “Um… none!” Not hassling them, we all do things when travelling we might do at home, but it also amazes me how little some people know their own country. I don’t mean in a ‘take a selfy at all the tourist spots’ but eg it is not uncommon to talk to someone from Auckland who has never been to the South Island!?! Maybe thats for the better… My next/imminent trip:





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