Detritus 454



▶ Ryoji Ikeda, he speaks!


▶ #trigger warning: Bloke who added kick drum to classic disco track thinks he’s a producer #LOL


▶ For anyone outside NZ, you might need to find a VPN that gets you within our borders (does that even exist???) but highly reccomend new TV series Wellington Paranormal – it is a very funny ride-along with two NZ police who as the title already explained are THE Wellington Paranormal unit. Local stream available here (and of course, legally whatever you do, do not look for this on dodgy tv torrent sites!) If you enjoyed What We Do In The Shadows, then this is like a preternatural version of one of those procedural cop shows that clog TV programming because they are cheap to make… sidenote: while the Phoenix Foundation guys are responsible for the wry score, I laughed when I saw the highly litigous parody theme music credited to Jermaine, who is one of the producers… presumably with all that Hollywood acting cash stashed under his bed he can manage any legal parody enquiries better than the musos themselves… #hilarial #i_want_to_believe #dog_wearing_jeans #haunted_sock? #not_a_reliable_witness


▶ in other NZ news, which I would prefer to be from a TV parody show, a cop tasered a “rampaging” goat 13 times WTF? I’ve known some goats in my time and it does feel like parody/WTF to think this could actually be required… #crossed_the_blue_line? #do_werewolves_climb_trees? #NO


▶ Wim Wenders on iPhone “photography”





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