Detritus 455

▶ clever idea, playing 1/4″ tape on multiple reel to reels using drum sticks!


▶ fascinating insight into the process of scanning R P Moores Cirkut camera huge panaoramic negatives Amazing what a prolific photographer he was – the National Library NZ have “2,455 panoramic negatives, taken between 1923 and circa 1934” – what an amazing business, the cost of each negative would have been significant… the whole article is here


▶ “your food is as good as the beauty of Katsura Rikyu. But….

the music in your restaurant is like Trump Tower.”


▶ “a collection of manuals & schematics acquired over the years” – thanks to thesnowfields (that last one is a classic “Learning Music With Synthesizers” published 1974, searchable text here)


8 virtual cv recorder/loopers for $0.99 (iOS) seems too good to be true via


▶ love the ingenuity: shed of the year shortlist (Piano Raft gets my vote)



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