Detritus 487



▶ huzzah! air guitar! (thanks Georgi)



▶ LOL #lessofless



▶ In birds’ songs, brains and genes he finds clues to speech



▶ very interesting interview re the VFX of Chernobyl



▶ a side note, but a recurring theme…

From that Chernobyl VFX interview

“Johan had very specific ideas about the aesthetic for the show and made it crystal clear that he was not after what he called ‘Hollywood’ style VFX”

Which reminded me of a recent Randy Thom post Blessed Noise:

“Inarritu’s sound aesthetic fully embraces the less-than-pristine. In that aesthetic recordings (voice or sound effects) that are too clean are not to be trusted. They’re fake…”

Isn’t it fascinating that in this era of disingenuous politics and fake news that authenticity can become a style? Thats not the right word, is it an anti-style? Anyway it is at least a collaborative reference point, every bit as much as a ‘Hollywood’ version of something is…



▶ John Coltrane illustrates the mathematics of music



▶ The FBI just released all of Nikola Tesla’s documents! (I remember reading an article about one of his inventions that used resonance in an extreme way, basically you would strap a brick size device to a beam in a house, and it would slowly start resonating and somehow using positive feedback the resonance would slowly grow until it would make the walls structure break apart!! Will post when/if I find that amongst those documents!)





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