Detritus 5

Its late Monday & its already a busy week: I’ve finished patching my conform & I’m back into actually contributing sound – Hallelujah! But my stash of links worth sharing is starting to overflow, so the detritus installment arrives early this week…. Take a deep breath & see how many tabs you can open in your browser (& your mind) in one go:

>I’ve been loving Nikolas photos since he first started posting them on the 12k forum late last year, but do check out his flickr stream – such beautiful work; it instantly evokes music in me.. & he is generous enough to share some of his textures incase you want to try your own post-processing…

> Apparently Nissan wants to give their ‘silent’ electric cars some Blade Runner-esque appeal – its nice sentiments but naive: ten minutes after they release the car some kid will hack the OS and release a virtual “blowoff valve + fat exhaust’ patch and we will be right back where we are now… ie marginally better for the planet & no better for our ears…

> Why economics condemns 3D to be no more than a blockbuster gimmick (via the Guardian)

> Seems there is an official effort to Shush Loud TV Commercials
me? I just MUTE THEM ALL!

> The carton above is from the excellent, sardonic Business Guys on Business Trips site and it leads me directly to some closely related geniuses…

> The “music industry” (don’t laugh) apparently wants performance compensation from iTunes for the 30 second audition files that “shoppers can stream before they buy, industry officials believe they should be paid a ‘performance’ income from Apple, much like when a song is played in a public venue like on the radio or at a sports game. It’s the same situation, they say, for movies and TV shows that feature licensed music.”

> installed iTunes 9 yet? No, me neither…. but lifehacker has a list of five features they want to see in iTunes & I concurr on at least the last one: “Bloat is probably the number one complaint…. ”

>One thousand soul 45s for free download? I think I am in sample & recycle heaven…. and please “no complaining that I don’t know what these are. No whining about early cut offs or janky recording. There are over a thousand recordings of 45’s made by a record dealer over the past few years….”

>Experiments with long exposures & different light sources as brushes

>Courtesy of Upstart Blogger; “Meet the music industry’s new misinformation puppet and learn how to benefit from her tricks

> Analog vs Virtual from an interview with Rob Modell/DEEPCHORD: “It’s more like buying a pet rather than a musical instrument; you learn its personality for months after you get it. When you buy a software synth, you can pretty much understand its personality in fifteen minutes.”

>And lastly, twitter though the ages – remember to read it from the bottom up….

3 thoughts on “Detritus 5

  1. Sébastien Orban

    I’m still reading and learning your link, but well, about itunes 9 : it at last behave as a good audio application citizen on Windows 7 (and probably Vista).
    It’s bloated but it’s still one of the best way to organize my music. I hate it as much as I love it !

  2. tim

    Yabba dabba do!

    i’ll have an arpeggiated modular synth patch with some kind of person detector so it does a nasty resonant filter sweep as part of each doppler…

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