Detritus 512





▶ How to follow the complete output of journalists and other writers?



▶ Playing bar codes? #electronicosfantasticos
Check out this twitter video



@northworksmusic: “I’ve just seen this news story, about how one of the promoters of the late 80s Sunrise acid house raves was recently busted after doing bank fraud using a DIY device based around a Boss looper pedal!”



▶ BIGGER THAN A SHIP HORN OR TRAIN HORN! (N.A.S.A. Reverberant chamber HORN) + many more on his fickr (thanks @Jenn1fer_A)



▶ interesting interview with Bong Joon-ho (the whole ‘blockbuster’ angle in that interview seems irrelevant, “Blockbusters made everyone feel like an American” = WTF?! None of his big CGI films really work for me, but his second film MOTHER was brilliant, as is PARASITE)



Youtube: Device Orchestra





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