Detritus 523





▶ Funny thread, re 5G transmitter paranoia



▶ Did you ever wonder what you’d be doing during an apocalypse?



▶ How Does the Coronavirus Behave Inside a Patient? interesting ideas about ‘dose’



▶ Some dubwise viewing (via Exocet dub on FB)

Dub Echoes – Global dub history, influence on other musical genres (EN)
(No sound in the first minutes of the video, but after that it restarts with the sound)


Dub Stories – Dub origins, spread in the UK and France (EN VOSTFR)


United We Stand – Dub, dancehalls, free parties, philosophy and politics in soundsystems (Part 1 EN ST) (Part 2 EN ST)


The Unlimited Destruction – Lee Scratch Perry life, creativity and personality (EN)


Reggae Britannia – Reggae and dub evolutions in the UK (Part 1 EN) (Part 2 EN) (Part 3 EN) (Part 4 EN)


Bass worship: the story of dub and soundsystem culture
Recent documentary with some iconic tracks of dub and dub-related genres (EN)


Documentaire Arte Dub – 1997 documentary on dub and soundsystem story and influences (FR)


Notting Hill Carnival: Sound Systems – 2014 BBC documentary (EN)







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