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▶ I saw a few people on Twitter discuss Wim Wenders film Until the End of the World and was reminded of how much I love the use of pygmy music in that film… And while reminiscing I came across this great article:
The Sound of Yesterday’s Future: Notes on the Until the End of the World Soundtrack

Must watch that film again, here is the trailer:



▶ 79 things that line up so perfectly it will trigger a clickbait headline!

ps so many of those photos of things that ‘line up perfectly’ would not line up at all if the photographer moved their camera about an inch either way…



▶ A great summary by Cory Doctorow re FaeceBook monopoly



The sound of global endangered habitats and wildlife
Great interview with Doug Quin on @radionz this morning, listen here



▶ A question:
what is the maximum number of tracks an album can contain?

What do you think?

My first thought was that it depends on the kind of album, for example I suspect a CD album would max out at 99 and a quick check of the CD spec verified that (And i also remember @leyton releasing a CD with 99 tracks to be played with shuffle enabled)

Vinyl I am not sure, as there is a physical space limit. With respect to maximum duration, it seems to be 23-25 minutes per side is the maximum, but to include space between each song/track means there would be a physical limit to the number of discrete songs possible. Also interesting factoids: “The average LP has about 1,500 feet (460 m; 0.28 mi) of groove on each side. The average tangential needle speed relative to the disc surface is approximately 1 mile per hour (1.6 km/h; 0.45 m/s)”

But for digital, why would there be a limit?
If you wanted to release a digital album with 900 tracks why would there be a limit, apart from the practicality of access etc… So I did some searches…

DISKTROKID answers rather bluntly: 35 lol

CD BABY says 100, same as a CD (99 + 1 for initial index) but their upload system cannot cope with more than 50. And if you do have over 50? You have to use such contemporary hi-tech solutions as “send them a CD” lol WTF? Guess who built an arbitrary limit to their upload system.

BANDCAMP? There is no limit on the size of albums. OK what’s the maximum upload size? It starts out at 291MB per track, which is of course the exact size of “Inamorata and Narration by Conrad Roberts” from side 4 of Miles Davis’ Live-Evil (assuming we’re talking 16/44.1, which we always are). Once you’ve made a few sales through Bandcamp (totalling $20 USD or more), we increase the max per-track upload size to 600MB.
Bravo Bandcamp!

As a kid I remember we had a copy of the Guinness Book of Records. I haven’t read or seen one since, but the their website informs me ORLANDO “JAHLIL BEATS” TUCKER holds the record for Most songs on a digital album for their album Modern Day Masterpiece, released 8 November 2019 which contains a total of… 300 tracks! (Commenter “there is strict criteria for this record.. has to be a proper release and has to be a commercial success as well”)

Why am I wondering about such obscure issues? Last night I did a pass through the demos of an album I am slowly working on. It currently has 127 tracks… and I am not finished writing yet! But I’m also not trying to set any records, or make something impractical to listen to… Proof is in the pudding, maybe by the time my self critic gets finished with self loathing there will only be 2 or 3 tracks left…

With digital there should be no limit, in duration or in number of tracks. (And no, the answer is not a Spotify playlist. That isn’t the answer to any question, ever!) Whether anyone wants to listen to a 900 track 45 hour album is a different issue…

Is it a coincidence that the only platform that supports such open ended endeavours is Bandcamp?



▶ Another random Guinness record: The largest set of tubular bells consists of 120 bells and was achieved by Simon Desorgher, Eye Music Trust and George Roberts Scaffolding (all UK), in Rotherham, UK, as verified on 6 April 2017





▶ I made a meme! (sorry its #nzpol related)





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  1. Dan

    If the outside linear speed of a needle is 20 “/s and the innermost speed is only 8 “/s does that mean that an LPs audio quality is twice as good at the beginning?

    1. tim Post author

      If it was tape, then I would believe so – tape at 15ips has better frequency response than at 7.5ips… But not sure with vinyl as they adjust other parameters such as groove depth & spacing for the amount of low end bass, so there are other factors at play. Wonder how a vinyl manufacturer would answer?

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