Detritus 584



▶ Questlove – SUMMER OF SOUL doco!



▶ Éliane Radigue – Échos, screening on demand



▶ My Rock’n’Roll Friend by Tracey Thorn review – a story of sexism in pop



▶ Is Spotify really listening to artists “Loud & Clear?”The pie chart that is so alarming is the one that the RIAA put out, where you see streaming at 83% of the recorded music revenue, and 17% left for everything else. Now, let’s think about everything else for a moment: Satellite radio, commercial radio, terrestrial radio, licensing for sync use, film, TV, commercials, performance rights organizations, BMI, ASCAP for public performance, physical media, downloads.”



▶ Les appeaux de François Morel – available here



▶ White Noise: Electric Storms, Radiophonics and the Delian Mode



▶ new Haruki Murikami book release April 6th!



▶ An intriguing approach to rhythms: NestUp in your web browser and Max4Live



▶ GleetchLab 2021 is now released



▶ hah! Things I never knew until today:
if you right click (or CNTRL click) on the play button on youtube, you can tell it to loop the current video!



▶ not recent, but…





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