Detritus 585



▶ James Turrell’s Roden Crater
I’ve read lots about Roden Crater but hadn’t seen the walk through etc in this video…
What an incredible experience it would be




▶ sync the rushes: no clapper, TC, guide track or reference
is this #chaoticEVIL or what?



▶ Custom tech and craftporn from Sweden: + insta



“in the face of today’s dominant internet strategies which emphasize populism, there is a real necessity to cultivate offline forms of digital culture. This means sharing information in more controlled and precise ways than generic upload-archiving” – a great read by Terre Thaemlitz“…YouTube and the rest are such corporate zombies that they can’t imagine there being any other basis for someone wanting content removed”








▶ Mills, Hood and FM Synthesis as a Metaphor



▶ a great read: interview with Sean Booth + Rob Brown

“It’s pretty abstract if you’re not used to hearing people doing abstract music.
But to other people our work sounds quite mainstream!”

“I watch films and telly and stuff to switch my brain off, because I’ve spent all day listening to one patch and making music…

four hours of this one thing constantly changing — that’s it, my brain is fucking toast.”





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