Detritus 586







▶ The most widespread use of augmented reality isn’t in gaming: it’s the face filters on social media. The result? A mass experiment on girls and young women.



▶ Interesting article about the state of “independent” music – “DIY” music is a corporate commodity?? The music industry’s biggest messaging problem, Analysis by Cherie Hu



▶ Star Wars Volvo edition



▶ Scientists turned spiderwebs into music?



▶ Q: Why Blog?



▶ “The (UK) Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Commons select committee has been examining whether the business models used by major streaming platforms are fair to songwriters and performers….”

The music streaming debate: what the artists, songwriters and industry insiders say



▶ Drowning in data: a wake-up call for the music industry?



▶ Fascinating thread: “Colorization APIs are becoming widespread; AI-colorized historical photos are circulated without caveat. But is AI colorization providing an accurate image of the past? To find out, I digitally desaturated these color photos by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky, taken between 1909 and 1915.”








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