Detritus 587



▶ more dumb sh+t Big Sur OSX11 tries to do:

Sorry apple but (1) my ‘best photos’ are not taken with a dumb phone camera app and
(2) WTF algorithm do you think you are using to decide what my “best photos” even are?

Good grief. It is as similarly bad as Faecebook ‘memories’
“We (an algorithm) have decided what is best for you (based on potential ad sell)”



▶ “Technical awards are given to people who design equipment. The people who edit films and do visual effects and do sound for films are judged on their artistic judgment, not on how fast they can turn knobs or how well they use software. . . . What I want to hear about is what sounds are in the film and how well they propel the story, and how well they’re integrated into the story.”
Randy Thom re the Oscars

“All of us who work in movie sound know that it’s a fool’s gambit to rely too much on minutiae, or on tiny, subtle nuances because we know very well that in most normal movie theaters, most of those will be lost. So I think it makes a lot more sense to judge on more broadly based criteria and not feel like you have to listen to a movie with a stethoscope to know whether [it’s] been done well”



▶ 15 fantastic DIY Cameras – mmmm Brancopan!



▶ Alan Lomax’s field recordings are available on a newly-redesigned site



▶ intriguing: noise cancelling for drones enables two way conversations! The demo video seems actually quite good at hearing what the person is saying, but less so what the drone speaker is replying – is the speaker not powerful enough? or it isn’t/can’t use the noise cancelling?

That speaker could be useful with COVID Vaccine deploying drones:
“Drop your pants & bend over! You are about to be vaccinated!”



▶ In the new digital economy, are Artists creators?



▶ podcasts – when they are good they are excellent, but imho it is a rare event. Of all the music/music tech podcasts I have tried to listen to, the best so far was this ep of Art + Music + Technology with Alessandro Cortini… wise words!



▶ “I’ve asked my 3rd year illustration students at @sva to come up with a post-pandemic New Yorker magazine cover. Here is what they sent in



▶ 11 rolls of film dropped off to the lab today! That is the sign of a great road trip – every shot is a commitment to the moment. (Well, apart from one shot where I accidentally pocket triggered my XPAN with the lens cap still on… That one might be a little underexposed!)



▶ watch ya head!





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