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▶ wow check this chrono-ramic film camera by Ross Cooper – it rotates an 8×10 neg over 12 hours! #genius Chrono-ramic camera



▶ Can music survive streaming? “What we’re doing is we’re all funding the mainstreamization of culture. We’re all going, “Yes, please. Let’s all fund that algorithm that makes us all listen to the same 10 songs.”



▶ Two books I got at Unity Books last week:

Ralph Hotere: The Dark is Light Enough by Vincent O’Sullivan
and Wow by Bill Manhire.

Read the opening poem in Wow: Huia by Bill Manhire



▶ OMG I love this 1950s “Gardening Computor”



▶ The Anxiety of Influencers



▶ I have a few friends who struggle with hearing loss but aren’t at the hearing aid stage yet… So this is interesting news for them: AirPods Pro Become Hearing Aids in iOS 14

BUt I find this interetsing: “The challenge of using smartphone processing is that auditory information must be presented within 80 milliseconds. If processing and relaying this information cannot occur during this time, it will make communication harder. This is because the lipreading cues can become out of sync with the amplified audio.”

80 milliseconds? really?

At 24fps one frame equals 1000/24 = 41.7ms, so they are suggesting a 2 frame lag is ok.
You would not want to be a sound editor with a 2 frame lag on all audio, its not like you can just mvoe reality forwards by two frames to compensate… But a few re-recording mxiers might be interested in this: “Following the introduction of the Noise app in watchOS 6 that measures ambient sound levels and duration of exposure, watchOS 7 adds further support for hearing health with headphone audio notifications.”



▶ Also kinda nice in iOS14 to see FecalBook app beg to be allowed to access my phone data…
It got the big FCUK OFF! NO THANK YOU!



▶ Deep Sounds of the Earth



▶ this Tiger cub appears to have been revoiced by existential angst





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