Detritus 595



▶ love this gallop technique



▶ Just one from 50 pages of Nagra stories:

“Boom operator David Allen Smith (deceased) told me this story about 14 years ago:
David was in New Zealand around 1999, working on a mountain-climbing-thriller “Vertical Limit”. They were moving large amounts of production equipment to the top of the mountain via pallets, lifted by helicopter. The foothills, over which the helicopter flew, were dense forest, also covered in multi-feet deep snow. Inside an Anvil case, a new, unused STC was part of one of the helicopter runs. Except when the helicopter landed on the mountain top, the Anvil holding the Nagra was not on the pallet. It had come loose mid-flight and fallen into the forest. There was no practical way to retrieve it. Given the sturdiness of the case and the forest/snow breaking the fall, it is likely still there, intact.?



▶ next step: googles ‘metal detector for drones’



▶ Love these architectural drawings by Diego Inzunza: axonometric view of classic architecture



▶ mmmm imagine algorithmic mix automation in ProStools via HUI control from Max!



▶ DISCOGS – a Flipper’s Paradise?



▶ This is fascinating: Who You’re Reading When You Read Haruki Murakami – I appreciate some words simply cannot be translated, but really interesting to learn how his writing was adapted and edited to suit/market to the West…


Like Japanese restaurants I much prefer they didn’t westernise. sorry but the “California roll” is the “Butter Chicken” of such cuisine. I remember ages ago being in a kaiten sushi spot in Wellington and a plate went past with a… deep fried sushi roll! Not “something fried, in a sushi roll” – they had taken a sushi roll & deep fried the entire thing. While I was looking at it, frowning, the chef came over & asked if I was ok… Me: points at the deep fried roll, WTF is that? Chef frowns “we do not have in Japan”



▶ ah the in-breath!



▶ Bird lady is next level!
It’s a shame no one asked for a hybrid/mutant:
“Can you please do a turkey thats been living in Chernobyl?”





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