Detritus 598



KnittedKeyboard II from MIT Media Lab on Vimeo.

▶ Responsive Environments researcher Irmandy Wicaksono has developed KnittedKeyboard II, a multi-modal, soft, and stretchable electronic textile musical interface customized and fabricated with digital knitting and functional fibers. It is responsive to touch, pressure, stretch, and proximity, allowing performers to play discrete notes, as well as trigger continuous effects and modulations with virtuosity, while experiencing the unique, intimate, and organic tactile properties of the knitted e-textile. A contemporary musical piece was written by Mike Hao Jiang from the Viral Communications group to demonstrate the multi-dimensional expressiveness of the instrument. More info

me: starts thinking of a beany with CV outputs….



▶ Grant Snider – 12 Rules for Creativity



▶ At last! Pro Tools 2021.6 allows 64 io native!! I’ve been juggling MOTU io busing to manage the 32io limit = PITA. And the new Markers database tracks look great (its a bad joke – no improvement on them in 10+ years???)
More info here





▶ I have a couple of these wind wands from recording whooshes for HISSandaROAR SWISH TWO library… But I never thought of trying it as a buzzy aoelian harp! There are some 120kmph winds forecast for this weekend… Might nail it to the roof



▶ Time for an intervention?





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