Detritus 599



▶ Electro-Mechanical Audio Plotter – Prototype
“REMAP is a project by UK artist duo Signal-to-Noise, Oliver Wilshen and Niall Quinn. This prototype electro-mechanical sound device is based on the Roland DXY pen plotter, a discontinued printing technology of the 1980s, which is combined with audio cassette tape technology in order to playback prerecorded ‘found’ sound recordings from a magnetically encoded audio tape surface…..”



▶ Sad news: Peter Zinovieff, British composer and EMS synth pioneer has died, aged 88.
redbull interview



▶ Sad news: Jon Hassell, composer has died aged 84.



▶ The greatest ‘lost tapes’ ever found?



▶ Creating Multiple Folders from a Text File in Terminal



▶ Socia media = crisis discipline?



▶ Ginger jazz cat deserves treats!



▶ Gamma-ray Burst GRB 190829A x Alva Noto





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