Detritus 60

> The Forgotten Space


> Zoom for audio? Sure, if you’ve got 300 microphones


> Am loving the new Amiina new album – buy a copy and support artists who are worth supporting!


> Waveform packing tape – but of course!


> I just discovered a great blog Displaced Sounds which ‘focuses on the hidden influences, implications and possibilities of sound.’


> And another: Weird vibrations (and some of them are very weird!)


> What can we learn from procrastination


> How flat are your headphones? (thanks Ray!)

Headphone Test



> Funny story, related to beer & perceived value – years ago (actually a decade) I was at a New Years dance party on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere (The Gathering at Canan Downs) and parked beside us were some appropriately crusty looking German tourists who laughed at us for drinking (cheap to them) German beer, but they were drinking Steinlager, an exotic-to-them & cheap-to-us beer… Moral of the story? Branding can kiss my butt, good beer is good beer & what most makes a beer good is the context, not the marketing eg i LOVE Bintang because of the context in which it is usually consumed, and similarly I expect to thoroughly enjoy my share of Vailima in December!


>Its very worth hearing this song uncompressed, the piano & cymbals are beautiful & wreak havoc with youtoobs compression…

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