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▶ The Art of the Sound Physiker – A Conversation about Harald Bode
via ReaktorPlayer



▶ “Build your own channels” is exactly right!
Its worth reading the thread this comment refers to… FCUK Spotify!



▶ Useful writing advice “Just because it happened to you doesn’t make it interesting.” I often repeat this line to students. From a writer who writes a lot of thinly veiled fiction based on her real life, this piece of advice is key for anyone writing nonfiction to understand. The personal is only interesting if it reaches into the universal.



▶ #nocontext



▶ Very useful resources by Zach Poff, if considering a hydrophone purchase:

choosing a hydrophone for field recording

hydrophone review: ambient asf1 asf2 aquarian jrf

hydrophone review: benthowave bii 7121 vs aquarian h2a



▶ Fascinating history of percussion company: J. C. Deagan, Inc., est. 1897




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