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FLAMENCO from Andreas Trobollowitsch on Vimeo.



▶ do you use an rss reader? (if not why not? for osx i use the free NewNewsWire)
This thread on lines forum collected up lots of great music/electronics/sound blogs…
You can download an opml file to bulk import into your rss reader….



▶ One thing I noticed when driving in Japan was whenever I parked in a supermarket or a parking building, almost all the other cars had reversed into their carpark, such that it was quite rare to see anyone drive forwards into a park. I didn’t really think about why but the Wait but Why mailbag got exactly this question!

“When parking, if both options are available, do you pull into the spot or back in?

Pulling in forward is Present You living their best life and treating Future You like their assistant. Backing in is Present You acting like Future You’s assistant. Pulling forward out of a spot you previously backed into is a highly luxurious experience, but as a procrastinator type whose jam it is to fuck over Future Me, a rare one for me.”

I like this idea, of “present me” working to make the life of “future me” a little easier… Related essential skill: reversing into a park using only your side mirrors (& reversing camera) – a skill my Dad taught me, with the wisdom of age. It is a perceptual skill that will pay off in later life when twisting your entire body & neck around (as some people do) to attempt to view out the rear directly, may not be possible…



▶ Why do we dislike hearing a recording of our own voice?



▶ It amuses me that when using sites like Twitter I often see the manifestation of the old ‘leopards don’t change their spots’ saying. Specifically, whenever I read a twitter thread about anything political – especially local/nz politics, inevitably some troll pops up with a lame/racist/inappropriate comment…
As an adult, my response is not to be antagonized by them, instead, I silently thank them for making themselves known as being toxic and simply block them. Gone forever. But re the leopard and its spots, when one of the same blocked trolls comments on another thread days/weeks/years later I don’t see their comment. Twitter instead displays a message ‘this tweet is unavailable’ so the toxic bizo remains hidden, unless I click a button to view it. And very, very occasionally I do view their message, just to see… And every time, every single time I do, I read the comment and think ‘what a complete fckwit! blocked, goodbye forever’
Self-identifying as a racist troll is an odd expression of major mental health issues, and while I have sympathy I do not want to have exposure.
Also see: urban dictionary – “harsh my vibe”



▶ These email stats are amazing: Nearly 85% of emails sent are spam but I wonder what percentage of Twitter users are bots and/or toxic? It’s likely impossible to calculate but eg this article states: Nearly Half Of Accounts Tweeting About Coronavirus Are Likely Bots: “Researchers culled through more than 200 million tweets discussing the virus since January and found that about 45% were sent by accounts that behave more like computerized robots than humans.”



Funny how their foley sounds like they are wearing jandels/flip flops!





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