Detritus 611



▶ Michael Jackson – “Thriller” Background Vocals/Harmonies Deconstructed



▶ (a great read) “He had been dead for eight hundred years, when he became my teacher”
guess the artist?



▶ A good read: Professional freedom



▶ Diatonic major triad siren sound from synchronised 4, 5 and 6 cylinder engines



▶ I play a stupid & pointless game on FecalBook: I try to eradicate ads, by either reporting them as spam or telling FB they are irrelevant & to block all ads from that company. But there is one form of ad that no matter how many times I block it, it re-appears in a new form. The ads are for crowd funded shite, usually via Kickstarter. Since disabling ‘track-off-site’ FB has no idea how to target ads at me, so the ads usually are 100% irrelevant… But still ads from Kickstarter re-appear, associated with some new variation that hasn’t been blocked already – its like a multi-headed serpent! I kill ‘Great Kickstarter projects’ and a minute later get an ad served by ‘Amazing Kickstarter Projects’ etc
While I do appreciate I could use an ad blocker, I also think this irritating aspect of FecalBook is useful as it undermines any positive benefit and will slowly but surely drive me away from that platform… But speaking of pointless kickstarter projects…



▶ Learn to play the drums by waving drum sticks around in the air seems odd, just like the supposedly genius UI that featured in a scifi film a while back (Minority Report?) where people spent all day waving their arms in the air. While it looked kinda nifty, have they never heard of friction? Have they never heard of feel?
Someone who is a far better drummer than I once described drumming not as hitting the skins, but of lifting the skins – the rebound being of such rhythmic and acoustic significance. In contrast this Kickstarter project does away with actually hitting anything (imagine learning to play the piano by wiggling your fingers in the air) and combines it with a simple video game, much like the Taiko drum game I played in Japan a decade or two ago (except with it you actually hit drums) For a bonus they throw in a SaaS subscription platform, for the ‘get rich doing nothing’ stretch goal. No thanks.



▶ too cute



▶ lol DJ promo photos








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