Detritus 62

Carbonated, taken from the Crooks and Lovers album. Music by Mount Kimbie, Hotflush Recordings.


> great interview with Richard Taylor of WETA workshop


> a hipsters reaction to the chile miners?



> interesting article about a new hydrophone


> I’ve posted this before but was just reminded of it – love the concept of this video:


> so THIS is apparently who wrote the new Brian Eno album?


> Pro Tools LE to HD hardware deals finally appear


> “…in this granulated landscape……. ”


> This made me laugh (a la FAIL blog) regretsy – where DIY meets WTF?


> Please excuse me if I don’t post much in the next week/s – life is VERY busy!
– Aiming to finish THE DOORS library this weekend & ship it to contributors next week
(suspect I won’t release it on HISSandaROAR until early 2011)
– One more week of sound editorial before we start predubs for LOVE BIRDS!
– A week after we finish the final mix of LOVE BIRDS I am off to Samoa for pretty much the rest of the year & I’m busy gearing up for that mission… Just got a Sound Devices 744 to add to my 722 (& lots of battery power for both, since some parts of Samoa that I want to spend time don’t have power) So with sync cable can do up to six track recording now… Am sorting out additional mics… Following Nathans advice last week took delivery of two light weight mic stands, a k tek traveller boom and some dual/stereo mic mounts… Still waiting for Petrel bag to arrive plus rain poncho… Picked up a new Canon s95 camera – will shoot a sync test with it & both recorders one of these weekends… And I’m doing lots of research on where I’m going, culturally, geographically, soncially etc – this spot is high on my list for recording: “The highlight of the preserve is a treetop canopy walkway built about 40 metres above the ground amongst giant Banyan trees” Apparently you can stay the night up there, which sounds to me like the best place to record dusk, night & dawn chorus…. I can’t wait!!!!

Samoa rainforest


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