Detritus 63


> Great article about getting things done vs procrastination: you are not so smart


> Kubrick would be proud! A 2001 Monolith action figure, with zero points of articulation!


> “OMG! Its like the Chemical Brothers from another mother”


> Strangling my muse – an interesting blog about creativity & perfectionism


> The minor third, sad in music but also turns out to be often used in sad speech as well!


> Aphex Twin interview:

Aphex Twin Interview


> Wow! One of my long term obsessions might just become possible:

Synthi A

28th October 2010

Preparations to re-establish production of the original Synthi A and VCS3 Mk2 have been proceeding through the summer and we are now expecting the first completed units to be ready in January 2011. Currently we are building a large stock of assembled and tested circuit boards. This has taken quite a bit longer than expected, but you can rest assured that we are dedicated to ensuring a successful outcome, as well as the re-introduction of other EMS products to follow in due course. A new website will also be unveiled in 2010.

Once we start shipping the Synthis it should be posssible to give you an approximiate delivery date, and we will certainly contact you to advise you as the time draws near.



> AES rumours anyone?



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