Detritus 636





▶ “We can even go back to (synth pioneer) Don Lewis. It’s because of him that we even have a programmable Acetone Rhythm Ace. Don Lewis had taken a Rhythm Ace and hacked it so he could program it himself ’cause he was an engineer. And (Roland founder) Ikutaro Kakehashi heard him at NAMM [in 1969] and he was like, “This is my drum machine. How did you do this?” and then the rest is history.
King Britt on the Gear of Blacktronika History



▶ Horrible edge cases to consider when dealing with music



▶ Mars has two speeds of sound



▶ An Interview with Meng Qi (Wingie2 on backorder!)



▶ all violence should be replaced with free jazz!



▶ juvenile but funny





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