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▶ Special Effects of Karel Zeman



In addition to co-opting corporate social media strategies to benefit from the attention economy, tech companies have inherently made songs fleeting, cheap, and sometimes intrusive, corrupting the cultural exchange between artist and listener. Music is now leased to you through a secret system that you don’t understand, by a company with which you should have no emotional connection. Instead of simply buying a physical product or even pirating music from Napster—both of which created uniquely personal libraries of songs that helped define the identities of a generation—millions of users now sit side by side at the ledge of one great big trough of recorded music for the monthly price of a Chipotle burrito.

The Woes of Being Addicted to Streaming



▶ The strangest thing I have ever seen – on the Internet or anywhere – is this – OMFG!



▶ Oh Imma get this for my DP4 – Ensoniq DP4 TeleBrain
“A sysex programmer for the 1993 Ensoniq DP/4 parallel effects processor, intended for use in Max for Live. It is built as a more readable interface and recall system for the DP4.
Now is possible to see and access every parameter, on floating windows. Make super fast adjustements and then save with the Ableton session. It is like working with 4 real DP4 plugins. Best of both worlds!”





▶ “I have seen the future of music – its scary and utterly brilliant banal!



▶ Fascinating Sony release of field recordings via The Clash: THE PEOPLE’s HALL
Outside Bonds: recordist ID at 0.35 and Nagra speed ramps at 0.40 0.44 3.38





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