Detritus 648



▶ This is niche retro entertainment but so great!
Made in 1980s UK, TV series FRED follows steeplejack & steam-age tinkerer Fred Dibnah
All 7 eps are on youtube (Any mechanically minded elder relatives will likely enjoy this!)

▶ “wind is every steeplejacks enemy….” – Fred Dibnah ep 1/8
EP1@27.30 Fred explains exactly why I fly a drone
(ep2 needs some new foley/ladder foots)



▶ battle glocks?



▶ Dieter Rams? hold my teenage design beer



NFTs, a critical look specifically for use selling digital art



▶ love this!



▶ #PCBart



▶ Fascinating interview with Jeff Mills, about working with Tony Allen



▶ Interesting to see some of the ‘text to image’ art made by recent AI/ML, especially MidJourney – check the examples in this article…
It’s also funny noting my own reaction to it: the images are unreal but at times as aesthetically interesting as some human work. But would I say the same if it was AI generated music? One of the features of MidJourney is ‘style transfer’ – how long will it be before there is text to music, with that feature?
“Can – Vitamin C, in the style of Rhythm & Sound, performed by Film Score Orchestra in Vienna”



▶ 7:11 Polyrhythm in Oscilloscope





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