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▶ Saw this first as a silent GIF on twitter (hint: mute the loop)



▶ “Sharpness is a bourgeois concept” – so many great photos



▶ How China’s relationship to Hollywood has shaped the movies



▶ Bill Fontana recorded the vibrations of church bells inside fire-damaged Notre Dame
thanks Daniel!



▶ if/when AI becomes sentient & malicious, it will be because of this:
“they fed the AI a further 70,000 hours of unlabelled video.”

But it is an aspect of machine learning I never even considered.
For this project:
“First the researchers trained the AI on a tiny subset of labelled Minecraft gameplay videos, in which the actions onscreen are accompanied by data on the keyboard inputs associated with those actions…. Once the training was complete OpenAI’s neural net was able to perform a wide range of in-game skills, including building huts, chopping wood, and hunting animals. Essentially, it reached the standard of a capable human player.”

I have no interest in an AI playing games as a “capable” human player, but imagine what AI would create after being fed 70,000 hours of unlabelled synthfluencer videos?
Open the pod doors Hal!



▶ Thinking out loud, what is the attraction of midjourney visuals and why do they work? They seem like interesting indeterminant works, but with a hollow ring to them… Could midjourney audio work? Could midjourney music work?

The only thought I had was that our visual senses are rapid, whereas audio & sound are not. In a glance you can see something and instantly feel whether it interests you or not. There is nothing much invested, to glance at some midjourney images. But to ‘glance’ at midjourney audio or music would require an investment in time.

When I used to buy vinyl in record stores, I could audition 5 or 6 albums in just a few minutes. Put side A on, needle drop start of track 1, hear the intro, skip to next track, repeat, maybe a quick listen to hear how a longer track evolves. But this ‘fast listening’ only occurred based on additional info: I had chosen each album to audition, regardless of how specific or nebulous the reason.

I’m not sure skipping through AI midjourney music, hoping for magic, would really be sustainable. I have no doubt AI can and will create a lot of bad music. But will it ever create “good” music? Who will find it, amongst all the crud? It really would not surprise me if this was the true purpose of Spotify etc. Could music be the nut the tech bros cannot crack?



▶ in other DX/ML news:



▶ Kickstarter: Reprinting Allen Strange’s Electronic Music: Systems, Techniques, and Controls.

My copy would be 30+ years old!

I ordered a PDF copy via Kickstarter, but best of all it will stop this kind of behaviour:



▶ wow, check this is EV! The youtube vid is cued up to an exterior shot of the 0-60 test
Love the sound of those little tyres BITING into the tarmac! SO MUCH TORQUE!!





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